Eyewear Carrying Cases


Take your frame collection on the go with our lightweight, Made In The USA Eyewear Carrying Cases.  We offer 4 sizes to accommodate 12, 15, 18 or 21 frames. Our most popular case is crafted with durable, black 500 denier nylon and white satin inserts however, these cases may be customized in a variety of materials and colors. Personalize with your logo on the exterior or interior lid or both.

Individual pockets for all trays sizes are: ~6” left-to-right x 2” front-to-back.

We offer these in Prescription/Rx height and Sunglass height.
Prescription/Rx height = ~1-1/2"
Sunglass height = ~ 2"

Overall case sizes are (left-to-right x front-to-back x high).  Add ~1/2" to front for handle

12 Frame & 15 Frame: ~19" x 9-3/4"  

18 Frame: ~19" x 14-3/8" 

21 Frame: 19" x 16-3/4"

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