Neckform (NFA8715)

Newly redesigned for 2024 with a slim line profile, this neckform measures ~8" Wide X 7" Deep X 15"High.   This is the tallest neckform in this style however, it is also available in the following heights: 12" Tall (NFA8712) 10" Tall (NFA-1000), 9-1/2" (NFA-9500) 9" Tall (NFA879), 7-1/2" Tall with flex base (NFA-7500M), 7" Tall (NFA-7000), 6-1/2" Tall with flex base (NFA-6500M), 6" Tall (NFA-6000) 5-1/2" Tall (NFA-5500), 3-1/2" Tall (NFA3500).  Need a custom size of design, just email us for details!
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Fabric Group "C" is a higher grade fabric than group "B"

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