Sample Bag Trays

Elevate your sample bag organization with our compact eyeglass tray, designed to keep your eyewear secure and easily accessible. Crafted for seamless integration into sample bags, this tray offers a practical solution for storing and transporting multiple pairs of glasses. Made with durability in mind, our tray ensures your eyewear stays protected during travel or presentations. Its sleek design optimizes space without compromising functionality, allowing you to neatly arrange and showcase your eyewear collection. Simplify your on-the-go eyewear organization and enhance your presentation with our versatile eyeglass tray today.

Individual pockets for all trays sizes are: ~6” left-to-right x 2-1/8” front-to-back

Overall tray sizes are (left-to-right x front-to-back)

9 Frame (3 rows of 3): ~19" x 7" x Height" 

12 Frame (3 rows of 4): ~19" x 9-3/4" x Height"

15 Frame (3 rows of 5): ~19" x 9-3/4" x Height"

Prescription/Rx Tray Height is ~1-1/2"

Sunglass Tray Height is ~2"

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